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I couldn't bring myself to write legit smut for these two dorks (yet? be excited to see me, but I’m not first on the list.” Anthony played with the tiny straw drifting in his ceramic coffee mug that had “That’s What My Boyfriend Says” emblazoned across it in lime green letters; he twisted the thin plastic until it turned white at the pressure point and snapped open.“That’s not true.” Sebastian’s gaze dropped as he said it, unconsciously, but Anthony still caught it.

), but this was an idea that I just couldn't shake--a conversation I almost believe they've had a variation of in real life. Sebastian hit the power button on his phone but didn’t slide it unlocked.

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Reading the synopsis, I'd thought Ursula would spend the whole time trying to prove Matt's innocence, but that's just the first part.

Matt's innocence is proven pretty far at the beginning, but people still treat him badly afterwards, and that's what the book is mainly about.