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She soon realized they weren't."I was kinda really freaked out like maybe someone hacked into the camera," Stanley told KHOU 11.

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"We were sleeping in bed, and basically heard some music coming from the nursery, but then when we went into the room the music turned off," the anonymous mother told KTTC.

They tracked the IP address that had accessed their camera and discovered a website with "thousands and thousands of pictures of cameras just like their own." Anyone could use the site to access hacked cameras and monitors located in at least 15 different countries, according to the report.

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I need only access the webcam with Java Script and sorry for my English, I'm using Google translator.Just incase you want to check, we have a compatibility chart with all monitor brands that we have checked!Over a decade ago, we brought the first wireless, full-colour baby video monitor into the world.Vu See gives you the view you want, with the safety you need.Keeping the monitor off of the crib railings and out of baby’s reach at all times.