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Bangladesh has a largely British-built rail network linking most major towns and cities, including Dhaka & Chittagong.The network is divided into two halves, eastern and western, by the great rivers which divide the country itself.The western network is largely broad gauge, the eastern network largely metre gauge.Unfortunately, connections between these two networks are often poor. There is a good train service between the capital city, Dhaka, and Bangladesh's second city, Chittagong. P Chattopadhyay reports: "I travelled via AC sleeper on the overnight inter-city express, and trip was comfortable and uneventful.CHINOOK SALMON Columbia River mouth to Bonneville Dam Prior to March 1, permanent rules for Chinook salmon, as outlined in the 2017 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations, remain in effect.

Use the navigation on the left to browse through all our chat rooms or jump straight to your favourite chat room using the top 10 most popular chat rooms list below.From Bonneville Dam to the OR/WA border upstream of Mc Nary Dam, state fishery managers approved a Chinook retention season starting on March 16 and continuing through May 5 On the Willamette River, the spring Chinook forecast is 38,100 adult fish, which is down from last year’s actual return of 47,200 springers and two-thirds of the 10-year average return of 57,600.The 2017 return allows for a harvest of 9,550 hatchery Chinook between Willamette Falls and the mouth of the Columbia River.Bank fishing will be allowed during the same timeframe from Buoy 10 upstream to the fishing deadline at Bonneville Dam.The recreational fishery below Bonneville will be managed prior to a run update based on the available guideline of 6,905 upriver spring Chinook.