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Yoopers love to get outside and stay active, whether it’s hiking, rock climbing, or kayaking.A Yooper will be healthy, active, and in great shape, sure to look great when the shirts come off.This week, we put three Daily Arts Writers to the test: they picked a subject they could immerse themselves in, then wrote a first-person narrative about their experience.You can read the other pieces in this issue here and here.

Picturesque bed and breakfasts and beautiful shorelines, nothing beats time spent on Mackinac Island with your lover.

Every Yooper knows how to make or where to get the best morning pastries.

Nothing beats waking up to these flakey turnovers made with meat, onions, and a secret blend of spices on a cold winter morning. These custardy pancakes are perfect means of consuming an entire range of local toppings, from sugar bush syrup to fresh fruit.

"I've used all the sites: Ok Cupid,, e Harmony," says Yooper founder Bugsy Sailor. I saw an opportunity in the market and hope to provide a platform for other Yoopers to find superior love." That superior love connection can be found in a variety of ways.

The site asks for a simple registration with users filling out interests such as hiking, snowmobiling, skiing, fishing, hunting and, yes, even bear wrestling.