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‘It also displays how precisely past people tried to compensate for physical disability and that they had very sophisticated prosthetic technology at hand.’ The toe, which was carved from wood, would have been fastened to the foot with a belt strap.Experts from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, where the toe was taken for analysis, and the Institute of Evolutionary Medicine at the University of Zurich were also involved in the study. Anyway here're the rules:1- You're not allowed to have sex unless you are married2- You're not allowed to kiss or hug in the public3- Other activities depend on the girl and it's culture.

A gap in the lack of healthcare provision brought about M-health, an app that provides information about health in general and can even connect patients to qualified doctors. As needs change and the handsets adopted become more sophisticated (currently 80% of handsets in Africa are basic) we can expect these dating apps to become more and more popular.

The uptake of apps across the continent has been surprisingly high, in Kenya 99% of internet access is from a mobile device, 61% of views on BBC’s mobile site are from Nigeria and in South Africa 84% of mobile users have downloaded a mobile app.

According to Mobi Thinking Africa, the top mobile activities for mobile-only users are related to apps: downloading games (55%), downloading music (54%) and social networking (52%).

The study, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, added: ‘The technical know-how can be seen particularly well in the mobility of the prosthetic extension and the robust structure of the belt strap.

‘The fact that the prosthesis was made in such a laborious and meticulous manner indicates that the owner valued a natural look, aesthetics and wearing comfort and that she was able to count on highly qualified specialists to provide this.’ The early Iron Age find was uncovered in a plundered shaft tomb that was cut into the bedrock of an older, long time idle burial chapel.