Sharepoint 2016 rss feed not updating texas laws on dating a minor

Do you have libraries in Share Point that you need to monitor for additions and perhaps even changes?I know that if you are checking these libraries manually, that over time, you will occasionally forget especially if you are as busy as I am.

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RSS Feeds can become unsynchronized for a number of reasons, or may even be broken for just one session. RSS Feeds are stored in a folder titled "RSS Subscriptions" in your Outlook folder list. Navigate to the website that you want to subscribe. Rebecca Johnson has been a public-sector technical trainer since 1996.

One way to receive notifications automatically is by setting up alerts within Share Point.

Alerts are a great tool that can send you an email when the contents of a library or list has been updated.

So why are RSS feeds so darned slow to update in Outlook?

After an email exchange and a little bit of prodding in the right direction from Yours Truly Mr.