I fully support the use of this image to accompany my keynote as it is incredibly fitting.New Matilda – the news site which published this keynote – were also temporarily locked out of Facebook when they shared it." Over 18,200 people had signed the petition as Wednesday.In a speech honoring International Women's Day, indigenous rights activist Celeste Liddle spoke about women of the central Australian Arrernte Aboriginal group, to which her family belongs, and their representation on the Internet.When the speech was published by independent news website New Matilda, Liddle shared the article and its accompanying image (see above) on her public Facebook page, Black Feminist Ranter. Facebook cited its “Community Standards” on nude images to justify the suspension: "The reason we restrict the display of nudity is because some audiences within our global community may be sensitive to this type of content – particularly because of cultural background or age." This is not the first time Celeste has found herself on the wrong side of Facebook's standards.Whether shooting a butt, a bunch of ants or a flower, Cousins takes photos that we want to reach out and touch — just to see if our hands are wet when we pull them away.

So after New York City-based studio Bold & Naked announced their opening in Chelsea this week, we wondered who else was getting in on the nude yoga craze.In addition to their online classes, Nude Yoga showcases user submitted photos, where you can show off that particular move you've been practicing for a while now – as long as you're okay with your goodies out on the web.Here are 24 awesome images of women in the buff, showing off their impressive practices. 15 of the Unsexiest Moments from the Sexiest Celebrity Sex Tapes [Famously] A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Plus One for Every Wedding [The Date Report] Photographer Captures Really ' Haute Dads' on the Streets of New York [Swimmingly] The Best Way to Pick Up Women?"When I start to make the images, I think about textures I want to touch and mix together," she says."Sometimes [these combinations] surprise me."And we'd argue that that element of surprise is a big part of her work's appeal.