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But there's lots of stuff we definitely don't talk to him about. Because we know how to speak dad, and are generally amazing.

Just because we're close with our dads doesn't mean we don't appreciate makeup and clothes. that bracelet you bought us, it's just that our dad knows us SO WELL.

Also, this way, when you’re fresh in her mind, she’ll remember you right away next time your number pops up!

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Indians also have a tendency to enjoy a whisky – or ten. all while doing everything in our power to shield them from our questionable lifestyle.Somedays we pull it off, and somedays we f*cking don't. You might have seen Slumdog Millionaire and love a curry on a Friday night, but that doesn’t mean you understand the intricacies of just how much you’re expected to eat in an Indian home (spoiler, it’s a lot). Don’t be scared, we’re here to give you a heads up…